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Client Insights

Matthew has been working with us to improve our financial position for over 2 years now. So far we have made fantastic progress on a number of levels. As a result of Matthew’s advice, we have managed to significantly reduce our home loan, build up our retirement savings and reduce the amount of tax we pay. We feel we can now look forward to a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement

P & L Fraser

Matthew Ripley has been extremely professional & provided us with supportive information & has made us aware & confident that our finances are being well looked after to better our future. Thanks Matthew.

S & S Hutchings

Before we met Matthew, we felt that we had no direction. Although we were earning pretty high incomes, we were by no means making the most of it. Matthew went back to the basics and helped us with budgeting and getting on top of our debts. He made sure that our family was protected in case the worst should happen. Now that we have the foundations in place, we have started using our spare income towards building up wealth. Finally we feel as though we are on the right path.

J & K Dowen

Securitas were fantastic in setting up my financial affairs in Australia. They took care of everything including transferring my UK Pension, making sure my family is protected against accident or illness and ensuring that we make the most of our hard-earned money! They took the time to listen and then developed a financial plan that fits in with our life. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to achieve their financial goals.

I Barker

Securitas put insurance policies into place for us and at the time, like everyone else we thought it was money for nothing. Then, who would of thought, just over 12 months later I was diagnosed with cancer. A sarcoma in my right thigh to be exact and the surgery has left me with limited movement in my leg. I have my own business but have been unable to get into work. The insurance Companies have paid out taking away the stress of worrying where the money is going to come from to pay our bills etc. Obviously this has made a HUGE difference to our lives. We can not image where we would be financially had Matthew not given us the advice he did.

Matthew also arranged for our pension funds from the UK to be transferred and with his advice on the regular payments into our superannuation, we are on a much better track to a more comfortable retirement.

We will never be able to thank Matthew enough.

L Johnson

Chris, thank you for all the work you have done! It’s been such an easy and pleasurable process! Again thank you for all your help.

B. Toi & B. Crewe

Thank you for your time and for the peace of mind you have given us with these new protection policies in place.

D & T Stevens

My name is Timothy and I’m writing to state how valuable it is to have income protection and other insurances in place in a time of need , due to my job and financial situation it has helped me a great deal. It has been a great relief and a peace of mind having these different levels of cover in place and would recommend anyone to take out this coverage. Before I had these insurances in place I had constant worry, but now that I have this I don’t have to worry. I am very happy with Securitas Private Wealth and my insurance provider and the professional manner in handling my claim, which was also stress free. I am glad I chose these companies to look after me.

T. Molnar-Hammond

I would like to sincerely give thanks for investing time to work with us, in order to work out my financial stability and give me the best possible package for my financial needs. You have done a tremendous job professionally in a very little time indeed, fantastic work.

Panoum K Chagai Doth

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