I’ve been offered loan protection cover by my bank, is this a good way to go?

by Securitas on September 26, 2016

Mortgage protection insurance can also protect you when you lose your job, as it’s designed to kick in to cover you against any mishaps that may affect your ability to make loan repayments. If you lose your job, fall ill or even die, mortgage protection insurance will cover your mortgage repayments for a certain period of time to help either you or your family regain control of your finances. Unlike income protection insurance, mortgage protection is only designed to cover your mortgage repayments—not to act as a steady stream of income. Other factors can drive the price of your policy up, such as pre-existing medical conditions, your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, your age and gender. It can be difficult to prove that your loss of job was through no fault of your own. A number of benefits and exclusions apply to each different type of policy, so before you rush out and buy cover, it’s important that you understand all the terms and conditions of the options available as different policies will suit different people.


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