Reviewing your Life Insurance & Superannuation


We are happy to offer a pre-booked review appointment to existing clients of Securitas Protect.

The review appointment with a qualified, licensed financial adviser will discuss your current superannuation and include a discussion on the contributions to the fund, the investments within the fund, and the beneficiaries nominated.

This will also discuss your current life insurance products, including income protection if applicable, the amounts of covers, the options included, the premiums applied and how they are paid, and the beneficiaries nominated.

For us to provide our clients with a quality appointment – we require clients to prepare for the appointment in advance, and to ensure they have the following information ready for the appointment time:

  • Details of current occupations and annual incomes
  • Details of current sick leave entitlements
  • Details of current loans and liabilities outstanding
  • Details of current cash reserves
  • Details of your current relationship status and dependants
  • Details of any changes in health over the past 12 months or since your last review
If you would like to schedule a prebooked appointment (subject to availability) with a qualified, licensed financial adviser to discuss the above, please follow this link to book a suitable time: