Can I earn other income while I’m receiving Income Protection payments?

by Securitas on September 26, 2016

“If you qualify to receive Total Disability payments and you return to work on a partial basis earning less than you were before your claim, you may be eligible for a Partial Disability Benefit. This allows you to receive some Income Protection payments on top of the partial income you’re able to earn.

We use a formula which is set out in your policy to calculate your Partial Disability Benefit. Your Claims Manager will use your payslip (or other proof of income) to understand what your regular income is. They will also show you how your benefits reduce as you receive income from sources such as Workers’ Compensation, Centrelink, other insurance policies and, in some cases, sick leave.

You must let your Claims Manager know if you return to work, or are receiving income from other sources, so we can make sure you receive the correct payments.”


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